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Archives for November 2019

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And Be Thankful


The Lord gives me so many blessings that I take them for granted as if I was owed blessing. So we must seize every reminder to be thankful that we can....

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How to Get the Most Out of your Community Group


It has been a great blessing over the last few weeks to see the increase in interest and involvement in our Covenant Community Groups. Perhaps now would be a good time for us as a congregation to pause and consider how we might get the most out of these groups....

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New Sermon Series - The Messiah is Coming


The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ was God's provision for the redemption of sinners. It was foretold beforehand, and the Old Testament is full of references to the coming messiah. As early as Genesis 3:15, the Lord announced the defeat of sin and Satan through "the seed of the woman."...

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Why Buy a Systematic Theology?


There is often a moment in the Christian life where we realize that there is a whole body of theological understanding which has escaped us. A deeper level of understanding which we have not yet explored. Sometimes when we have these revelations, we develop what I call a theological itch....

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The Valley of Humility


In his time-honored, classic work, The Pilgrim’s Progress, in one of the many scenes depicted therein, John Bunyan described a conversation which took place between his central character Christian, and one of Christian’s companions in his journey, named Faithful....

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