Join us Sundays at 8:30AM, 11:00AM, & 6:00PM

Reynosa, MX June 1-7


Each year, Christ Church desires to provide an opportunity to its members to go outside of their comfort zone and be involved in a short-term ministry to others on the mission field. In the summer of 2024, a team from Christ Church will travel to Reynosa, Mexico to work with Isaiah 55, a ministry that works with the deaf and marginalized. We will serve alongside & worship with Tim & Kristy Holliday and the Isaiah 55 team as they lead various community outreach efforts. Ministries involve interacting with families, single mothers, teenage girls, physically challenged students, and young adults in vocational training. Activities include leading and supporting Bible classes, art classes, ESL classes, athletic activities, preparing food, and numerous other DIY projects around the missions facility.

IMG_Mission Building.JPG

Who can go?

  • Members and attendees of Christ ChurchHolliday
  • Young adults and families are welcome - Youth ages 15 and up may attend with their parents, and Youth ages 16 and above will require parent approval to attend unaccompanied
  • Children will be the responsibility of their parents during the entire trip
  • Anyone who is interested in supporting the ministries in Reynosa
  • Anyone interested in working with and interacting with our missionaries, the Hollidays
  • Construction experience isn't necessary but the willingness to participate and follow instructions is necessary
  • Routine U.S. vaccinations are required including dT-dptheria, MMR, Polio, and an up to date Tetanus booster

When is the Trip?

  • June 1-7, 2024

How will we get there?

  • We will be driving to Reynosa, Mexico and will cross the border at the Hidalgo bridge checkpoint in McAllen, Texas
  • The drive will be 5 hours
  • Valid US passports are required for re-entry into the USA

What is the estimated cost?

  • 1st person - $200
  • 2nd person - $150
  • Family Max - $500
  • Transportation - Included in the above amounts

What do I need to do?

Feel free to reach out to Prakash Thomas (thomas.pk.thomas@gmail.com) or the Global Missions Team (missions@cckpca.org) if you have any questions.