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Our Leadership

At Christ Church, the Lord has provided leadership through men elected by the congregation. These men are officers - elders and deacons.

The Elders (the Session)
The Session of Christ Church is made up of the elders of our church. Elders are ordained and are of two sorts: Teaching Elders (or pastors) and Ruling Elders. The Session is responsible for the governing of the church, worship and the administration of the sacraments, and shepherding and discipline in the church. Elders are described in our Form of Government: “As he has the oversight of the flock of Christ, he is termed bishop or pastor. As it is his duty to be grave and prudent, an example to the flock, and to govern well in the house and Kingdom of Christ, he is termed presbyter or elder. As he expounds the Word, and by sound doctrine both exhorts and convinces the gainsayer, he is termed teacher.”


Rev. Fred Greco, Senior Pastor
Pastor Greco has been at Christ Church since 2006. He is originally from Buffalo, NY and is a former corporate attorney. He and his wife Deb have four children.


Jason300pxRev. Jason Wegener, Associate Pastor
Pastor Wegener has been at Christ Church since 2017. He is originally from Kansas and is married to Amy with eight children.




Daryl Brister, Ruling Elder
Daryl and his wife Barbara moved to Katy in 2002 and joined Christ Church in 2003. Daryl is involved with teaching adults and the finance & personnel committees at Christ Church. His company helps develop the capability of those working in operating type industries. 


Neal Hare, Ruling Elder
Neal has been a PCA elder since 1976, and an Electrical Engineer in the oil and gas industry since 1968. He and his wife are charter members of Christ Church.



Steve Mathis, Ruling Elder 
Steve and his wife Renee have been members of Christ Church since January 2000. Steve is a member of the Discipleship Committee and is involved with teaching adult Sunday School. He has been an engineer in the oil and gas Industry since 1982 and is currently employed with Chevron.


Andrew McCallum, Ruling Elder (on sabbatical)
Andrew and his wife Lorri have been members of Christ Church since 1999. Andrew serves on both Presbytery and Session committees and has been involved in teaching adults and children. He has lived in Houston since 1985 where he has worked in the oil and gas service industry in a variety of technical and marketing roles.



David Morris, Ruling Elder
Dave was ordained as an elder in June 2012.  He is retired from Family Medicine at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic.  His many blessings include his wife, Nancy, two daughters and their husbands, and seven grandchildren. 



Doug Wilson, Ruling Elder

Doug and his wife Celeste moved to Katy with three of their six children in 2012 and joined Christ Church shortly after arriving. Doug is involved in the music ministry of the church as well as teaching adult and youth Sunday School. He is originally from Kansas City and is an engineer in the bulk material handling industry.


The Diaconate
The diaconate is responsible for overseeing the mercy ministry of the church and administering the physical needs of the congregation. Deacons are described in our Form of Government: “The office is one of sympathy and service, after the example of the Lord Jesus; it expresses also the communion of saints, especially in their helping one another in time of need.”


Brad Bailey

Brad Bailey
Brad and his wife Crystal, along with their four children, have been at Christ Church since 2009. Brad teaches adult and youth Sunday School, leads devotionals for ESL ministry, and assists with the youth group. Professionally, Brad is a Divisional Operations Manager in the oil and gas industry.



Ben Bosma (on sabbatical)
Ben and Mary have been members of Christ Church since 2013 after moving to Katy from Northern California. Ben is currently chairman of the Deacons.


Randy Brant

Randy Brant
Randy and his wife Holly have been at Christ Church since 2006. Randy was born and raised in Houston and Holly came to Houston when they were married in 1988. They have three children who all are involved in various activities at Christ Church.


Arnaldo Espinel (on sabbatical)
Arnaldo joined Christ Church in 2011. He has been involved in the Mercy Ministry and occasionally teaches Sunday School. Currently is working on his Master's Degree at the Reformed Theological Seminary. Professionally he works in the oil and gas industry in Houston.



Nick Hidalgo (on sabbatical)
Nick Hidalgo has been at Christ Church since January 2009 and has served on the diaconate since 2012. He and his wife Kim, both native Houstonians, have three sons.



Stephen Howell
Stephen has attended Christ Church since 2003 and has been a member of the Diaconate since 2007. He is employed in the energy development industry.


Ken Nesteroff

Ken Nesteroff (Vice Chairman)
Ken and his wife Sharon have been at Christ Church since 2002.  Ken is involved in the global missions committee and occasionally teaches Sunday school and leads devotionals for the ESL ministry.  Professionally Ken is a business development and senior project manager for a company in the oil and gas industry.


Moses Ribeiro
Moses and his wife, Ana are natives of Brazil but have called Houston home for 36 years. They have been members of Christ Church since 2010 and Moses has served as a deacon since 2014. One of Moses many responsibilities is to lead the Lords day committee. In their spare time Moses and Ana like spending time with their family and grandkids, visiting family in Brazil and traveling abroad. Moses owns a residential remodeling company. 



Duane Thompson (Secretary)
Duane Thompson and his wife Elisa are native Texans and have been members of Christ Church for 11 years and have two boys. They have both been active in the church since day one. Elisa serves in the nursery ministry and both are regular greeters on Sunday morning. Duane is a regular teacher for Sunday school and especially enjoys teaching youth Sunday school classes. Professionally Duane is marketing Manager in petrochemical industry. 

Glen Tyler (Chairman) 
Glen, his wife and three boys have been members of Christ Church since 2010. Glen is involved in the men's ministry and occasionally teaches Sunday school. Professionally, Glen is Vice President of Sales for a company that supports the retail industry.


Van VanZant

Van VanZant
Van and his wife Evelyn both grew up in the PCA denomination in Mississippi. In 2002, they moved to Katy with their three children. Van has worked in accounting with the same energy company since 1998 in both Tulsa and Houston.



Michael Wright
After joining Christ Church in 2002, Michael and his wife, Kathryn began building a family which now includes 3 children. They both share a love for service to the church and the Lord. Professionally, Michael works as an engineering manager for a local consumer goods manufacturer.


Ministry Leaders
In addition to the officers of the church, members of the church serve as leaders of various ministry teams:

Rev. Fred Greco - Worship & Administration
Rev. Jason Wegener - Discipleship & Pastoral Care
Deb Greco - ESL Program
Renee Mathis - Women's Ministry
Glen Tyler - Men's Ministry
Curt Mire - Youth
Barbara Brister - Children's Ministry
Jana Murray - Nursery Coordinator
Doug Wilson - Global Missions
Glen Tyler - Diaconate
David Kern - Treasurer
Mary Bosma - Financial Secretary
Kayne LeBlanc - Administrative Assistant