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Do I Have to Be a Greeter to Greet?


I have had several folks ask the question of whether they had to be an official greeter to greet new people. If you are a member of Christ Church, the answer is “NO!” The idea of having a group called “greeters” is to provide some structure and to schedule people to be at our front doors. These folks are not extraordinary people; they are just willing to commit to being available. In fact, I would propose that every member of Christ Church is the face of Christ Church. Who knows if on the next Lord’s Day that you might be presented with the opportunity to say “Hello. Welcome to Christ Church.”

Here are some suggestions for you to consider. Pray that our Lord would use you to make a new person or family feel more welcomed. Greeting our guests does not end at the front door, so remember that you are not nailed to the sanctuary chairs. Introduce yourself and even be willing to sit by them. Make sure that they meet our pastors. Take notes. Pray for them during the week. Yearn to see them return and worship with us.

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