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Some Things That a Guest Would Need to Know About Christ Church


So you are a greeter at Christ Church (whether formal or informal!). What things would a guest need to know about Christ Church? First of all, remember that no one knows everything about Christ Church. So, do not feel inadequate to answer a guest’s questions. You do not know it all, but you know more than the guest does! If you get stumped, you have three options: first, ask someone to help you; second, you can tell the guest that you will find out the answer and get back to them; third, if all else fails, you can google the question!

  • Here is a list of basic facts.
  • The nursery is that a way.
  • There is secure check-in and check-out for the nursery.
  • All aged children may stay in worship.
  • Young children (age 4-6) have the option of leaving for children’s church before the sermon but only during the second worship service.
  • The restrooms are that a way.
  • Sunday School classes are available for all.
  • The classrooms are that a way.
  • We do not speak in tongues, bur raising of hands is allowed.
  • We have Spanish and Chinese Bibles for free.
  • We do not charge an admission fee.

Remember that a question asked is an opportunity to engage. Just be thankful that new folks are coming, and that God put you in the right spot at the right time to meet a need.

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