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What Does It Mean To Be A Friendly Church?


The only way to answer this question is to ask a guest of Christ Church. And note that I did not say “guests” because the issue is whether an individual believes he or she is greeted in a friendly matter.  Being friendly speaks of an attitude that places you and the guest on the same level and that eliminates any bias or conditional acceptance.  One requirement of being a friendly church is that we awake every Lord’s Day morning and realize that we are sinners and that we have no reason or authority to greet someone in Jesus’ name…except that we are grace-receivers.  We have not earned the privilege to represent our Lord; He gave it to us.  As we better understand grace, we will be more willing to leave our comfort zones and enter the discomfort zone of someone who may be nervous about visiting a new church, someone who may be upset about past experiences, or someone who may need acceptance.  No matter where he or she is, we have the sacred privilege to be friendly and to represent the only true Friend.

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