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What the Lord Requires

March 15, 2020 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Micah

Topic: AM Service Passage: Micah 6:1–8

The Lord brings a case against His people because they have walked away from Him. The indictment is not for gross atheism or complete unbelief; instead, it is because Judah has grown bored with God. They don’t see God as relevant and important anymore. If we are honest, isn’t that the state of mind of many in our day, including many in the Church? There is a striving for excitement, for thrills, for some kind of “relevance” (as we define it) that God does not satisfy. Micah reminds us that our focus should be on the goodness of God and His righteous acts. “What the Lord Requires” (Micah 6:1-8). 

I. Hear
A. God Speaks Through His Servant (6:1)
B. God Calls Witnesses (6:2)

II. Remember
A. God’s Complaint (6:3)
B. God’s Defense (6:4-5)

III. Respond
A. Foolishness (6:6-7)
B. Faithfulness (6:8)

Questions for consideration: (1) What marvelous acts of the Lord in your life do you remember? What do they mean for you today? (2) What “gifts” are you tempted to bring to God to try to find comfort and assurance? What is the problem with viewing God that way? (3) Where do you go to find what God requires of you? How do you live that out in your daily life?

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