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Rescued by God

February 23, 2020 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Micah

Topic: AM Service Passage: Micah 4:6–13

It must have been confusing and heart-breaking for the people of Micah’s day to hear about the judgment that the Lord had pronounced on Jerusalem and Judah, and then the establishment of blessing that would come “in the latter days.” So Micah follows with a word of rescue for God’s people. The “now” of judgment is followed by the “but then” of grace. God’s grace comes in ways that surprise us. God’s grace comes in places, and at times that surprise us. And (ironically!) this should not surprise us! That is because God’s grace does not come to us because we are worthy, or obedience, or even desirous of it. God’s grace comes to us from His unmerited love and commitment to His people. It will help us to think about how God’s grace comes to us even though we do not deserve it. That is just as true for the Church today as it was in Micah’s day. They, and we, need to be “Rescued by God” (Micah 4:6-13).

I. Rescue for the Remnant (4:6-8)
A. The Afflicted Gathered
B. The Reign of the Lord

II. Rescue from Judgment (4:9-10)
A. The Pain of Judgment
B. The Nevertheless of Deliverance

III. Rescue to Triumph (4:11-13)
A. The Taunts of the Nations
B. The Plan of the Lord

Questions for consideration: (1) What in your life makes you feel like you are lame, afflicted? How does the promise of God in this chapter help you in your daily walk? (2) Why do we modern Americans never expect judgment? Why do we not see the deliverance that comes in the anguish and trials of life? (3) What is the danger to the world when it does not see God’s plan? What is the danger to the Church when it does not see God’s plan?


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