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God of Salvation

March 29, 2020 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Micah

Topic: AM Service Passage: Micah 7:1–20

The prophet Micah has gripped us with his indictment of the hypocritical and ungodly among God’s people. He has thundered warnings of God’s judgment that sting our ears and make us wonder whether there is any hope for the remnant. But we cannot forget the images of mercy and grace that he brings before our eyes. As he concludes his book, Micah gives voice to the concerns of God’s people, who see a fruitless land and enemies all around. But they then turn to see the Lord as their light and defender. With confidence, they proclaim that the Lord will deliver them. How can they possibly think this? Haven’t they heard the evidence of their rebellion and sin? Of course, they have! But they know the great truth of the Bible – that salvation does not depend on man’s obedience, but instead, it depends on the character of God and His grace. Who is like The Lord? That is actually what Micah’s name means. And the answer is: no one! No one is like the “God of Salvation” (Micah 7:1-20)

I. The Concern of God's People (7:1-7)

II. The Confidence of God's People (7:8-17)

III. The Commitment of God (7:18-20)

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