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The Importance of Ministry in the Church

November 17, 2019 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 16:1–23

The Church of Jesus Christ is a family. But the Church is also on a mission – a mission to spread the gospel throughout the world, to build up the saints, and to see the truth of God defended. This is the ministry of the Church, and it starts in the local body. Believers come together to be a blessing to their community and to encourage one another. Paul was fully aware of this, and he did not miss an opportunity to remind the believers in Rome of this reality. In the final chapter of his letter to the Roman church, Paul takes the time personally to connect with the many fellow-laborers he knew in Rome. His greeting provides us with a glimpse into the great diversity of the Church, and the great ministry of the Church. As we read these final greetings and instructions, do not forget “The Importance of Ministry in the Church” (Romans 16:1-23).

I. Community in Ministry
A. A Diverse Community
B. A Committed Community

II. Truth in Ministry
A. Warning About False Teachers
B. Promise of God’s Work

Questions for consideration: (1) Why is it important for us to see such a wide diversity of people in the Church of Jesus Christ? What does that tell us about the Christian ministry and mission? (2) What is striking to you about the list of people in Romans 16? What similarities of gifts do you see in yourself? (3) How are you preparing yourself so that you are not taken in by false teaching?

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