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Christ Working Through His Ministers

November 3, 2019 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 15:14–21

As Paul brings his letter to the Romans to a close, he begins to get personal, sharing his heart for ministry. Starting Romans 15:14, Paul writes directly to the Church at Rome by way of encouragement. He reminds them of the work that God has done in them. This is very important, especially in light of some of the hard exhortations he has written to them. This is important for us to see as well – we need to hear God’s truth and His call to holiness, obedience, and unity, but we should not doubt that God has His hand on us. In fact, it is because the Lord has His hand on us that we are called to obedience and unity. Jesus is at work in the lives of believers, through His grace and mercy and through the instruments of His ministry to them. Paul helps us to see “Christ Working Through His Ministers” (Romans 15:14-21).

I. Paul’s Encouragement
A. Full of Goodness
B. Filled with Knowledge
C. Able to Admonish

II. Paul’s Explanation
A. The Need to Speak with Boldness
B. The Grace to Hear

III. Paul’s Evangelism
A. The Glory of the Ministry
B. The Power of the Ministry
C. The Goal of the Ministry

Questions for consideration: (1) Why is it good for the Christians to look for good works in their lives? (2) When has someone spoken boldly into your life? What was your response? What should your response be? (3) How can you boast in a proper way? What does that look like?

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