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Living Like Jesus

October 13, 2019 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 15:1–7

In chapter 14, the Apostle Paul encouraged believers to think about how their actions and their attitude toward others affect the unity and the effectiveness of the Church. He continues in the same vein in chapter 15, but with a crucial encouragement – the example of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus always thought of others and put His own interests aside. His life was one of sacrifice and service. Jesus is more than an example – He is the Savior – but He is also the greatest example we can have. The Church would be a place of unity and blessing if we were all “Living Like Jesus” (Romans 15:1-7).

I. The Divine Exhortation
A. Bearing with the Weak
B. Building Up Our Neighbor

II. The Divine Example
A. Jesus Did Not Please Himself
B. Jesus Bore Reproaches

III. The Divine Instruction
A. God’s Word Points the Way
B. God’s Word Gives Hope

Questions for consideration: (1) What does it look like to “bear with the weak?” How can you think you are obeying that command when you really aren’t? (2) What makes Jesus such a powerful for believers? Why is it important to follow Him? (3) What does this passage tell you about the importance of the Bible? About how we should use the Bible in our daily lives?

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