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The Promised Remnant

May 26, 2019 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 11:1–10

Do you get discouraged by the state of the world? Do you wonder why it seems that the Church is continually on the defensive, under attack from the forces of our culture? When such discouragement sets in, we can wonder whether God has abandoned us. We wonder whether God’s plan to establish His people has been forgotten and will fail. Many felt the same way in the days of the Apostle Paul – they had expected all of Israel to embrace Jesus and rush into the Kingdom of God. After all, Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of all the promises God made to Israel in His Word! But when, instead of coming to Christ, Israel resisted Paul in his gospel mission, many thought God had rejected Israel. Paul answers this with a personal testimony, the history of Israel, and the truth of God’s Word. No matter how bleak circumstances look, God will always have “The Promised Remnant.” (Romans 11:1-10).

I. God Has Not Rejected His People
A. Evidence in the Apostle Paul
B. Evidence in Biblical History
C. Application for Us Today

II. God Alone is the Source of Salvation
A. Grace Must be Grace
B. Rejection of Grace Leads to Hardening
C. Application for Us Today

Questions for consideration: (1) Why do you think God did not make Elijah aware of the “other 7,000” from the very beginning? What does that tell us about God’s dealings with us today? (2) Why is Paul so repetitious and emphatic about the nature of grace? (3) What aspects of your life are you tempted to view as worthy of God’s love? How are you tempted to try to add to grace?

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