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The New Life 5: Struggling with Sin

December 2, 2018 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 7:13–7:25

Perhaps one of the greatest shocks that comes to a new believer is the fact that life is not an easy victory over sin as a result of believing in Jesus. It would seem to make sense that once the Lord forgives us of our sin, that we should be completely free from sin. Some insist that they are done with sinning because they are in Christ. They look down at others who still struggle with sin, blaming them for “not having enough faith” to gain the “victory.” The Apostle Paul anticipated this kind of mentality and addressed it directly in a personal way in Romans 7. No one could accuse Paul of insufficient faith – he was used mightily by the Lord to plant churches, to write Scripture, and to instruct the Church in the gospel. Yet Paul plainly describes his struggle with sin: “For I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I keep on doing.” We must confront the sin that remains in our lives and seek deliverance – deliverance that only comes at the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ. We have to rely on Jesus, not only for our justification but also for our sanctification, in “The New Life 5: Struggling with Sin” (Romans 7:13-25).

I. Who is the Man?
A. Flawed Answers
B. An Encouraging Answer

II. What is Paul Teaching Us?
A. About the Law
B. About Ourselves

III. How Does this Apply to Life?
A. The Struggle is Real
B. The Lord is at Work

Questions for consideration: (1) In what areas of your life do you see sin? What are you doing about them? (2) Why is it encouraging to know that believers still sin? (3) What is your hope in the midst of your struggle with sin? How do you keep that hope in front of you?

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