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Morality is No Excuse

May 27, 2018 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Romans

Topic: AM Service Passage: Romans 2:1–4

Why should God love me? Is there a reason that I can stand before Him? It is easy for most of us to point at people who commit horrible acts like murder, robbery, or abuse, and say that God will judge them harshly for their sins. But what about me? Will God judge me? Far too often we excuse ourselves, minimizing our faults and actions, while at the same time judging others’. This is what sinners – and that is what we all are – do. Paul understood this, and once again anticipates the reaction of the readers of his letter to the Romans. He has just completed a stinging indictment of those who suppress the knowledge of God and as a result are given over to the worst sorts of sins; the inevitable result is for some to say “See! I’m not like that. God will not judge me, because I am not given over to those kinds of sins.” But the truthful answer is that those who try to plead some good behavior before God have no excuse. We may judge others when we see their sins, but the truth is that we practice the same things. The truth is that “Morality is No Excuse.” (Romans 2:1-4)

I.   The Judgment of the Lord
A.  Honest Judgment
B.  Just Judgment
C.    Inescapable Judgment

II.  The Long-Suffering of the Lord
A.  Presumed Patience
B.  Misunderstood Patience
C.  Purposeful Patience

Questions for consideration:  (1) Why do you think it is so easy to focus on others’ sins while ignoring our own? Which sins in your life do you overlook? What should you do instead? (2) It is not comfortable to think about the judgment of God. But why is it important to think about it?  (3) In what ways has the Lord been kind and patient to you? How have you responded? How should you?


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