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Samuel's Farewell

August 6, 2017 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: 1 Samuel

Topic: AM Service Passage: 1 Samuel 12:1–25

What do you do when you not only have done the wrong thing, but you know you have done the wrong thing? Guilt can freeze a person into complete inaction – you cannot go back and undo what has been done, but where do you go from there? The people of Israel found themselves in that place as they gathered at Gilgal to hear from Samuel. Samuel made clear in no uncertain terms the wickedness of Israel’s rejection of the Lord in favor of a king “like the nations.” What could Israel expect from the Lord but “a fearful expectation of judgment?” (Heb. 10:27 ESV) The good news of the gospel that is as true in the Old Testament as in the New was on display as Samuel encouraged Israel to go forward in the forgiveness of the Lord. We must recognize that our relationship with the Lord does not depend on our obedience, but rather on the unearned grace of God. There is a lesson for today in “Samuel’s Farewell” (1 Samuel 12:1-25).

I. Seeing Our Sin
A. No Excuses
B. The Fundamental Problem

II. Knowing the Terror of the Lord
A. Motivation
B. Confirmation

III. Undeserved Grace
A. The Real Foundation
B. Never Abandoned

Questions for consideration: (1) Why does Samuel take the time to vindicate himself before Israel? What do you think would be a contemporary illustration of this? (2) Have you ever been afraid of God? Why or why not? When would such fear be a good thing? When would it be a bad thing? (3) God’s grace is counter-intuitive. Why are we often so eager to dwell in the past rather than move forward in grace? What kind of fear can we have with respect to God’s grace that is wrong

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