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Theater of the Gospel: Work

November 27, 2016 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Ephesians

Topic: AM Service Passage: Ephesians 6:5–9

What is your attitude toward work? Far too often, work seems more like a “four letter word” than an excuse to whistle a happy tune. Work is something to be avoided or at least grudgingly completed to move on to better things. We often forget that God created work in the garden of Eden before the Fall. We were meant to work, just as we were meant to have marriage and families. But just as marriage and the family were twisted and damaged by the Fall, so too was work. The relationship between employers and employees have been divisive and problematic throughout time, even resulting in the great injustice of slavery. Slavery demeans not only the value of work but the value of people who are created in the image of God. Paul teaches us that even in the midst of injustice, believers in Christ can affirm the value of all people and show how the gospel changes everything. Paul commands servants and masters (and, by implication, employees and employers) to live their lives in the sight of, and for the glory of, Jesus Christ. It certainly is not easy, but what a blessing it is to point others to Christ in the “Theater of the Gospel: Work” (Ephesians 6:5-9).

I. The Duty of Servants
A. Obedience and Respect
B. Working from the Heart
C. Working with the Lord in Mind

II. The Duty of Masters
A. The Golden Rule
B. No Threatening
C. Not Expecting Favoritism

III. The Glory of Work
A. Work for God’s Glory
B. Work with Eternity in Mind

Questions for consideration: (1) What is the most difficult thing for you about work? What makes it most difficult to maintain a positive attitude? (2) Why do you think God is so concerned about something as “earthly” as work? Why should it make any difference to us how we work for, or employ others? (3) How can you glorify God this week in your vocation?

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