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Our Secret Weapon

December 18, 2016 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Ephesians

Topic: AM Service Passage: Ephesians 6:18–24

Throughout history, critical battles have been won by the introduction of a “secret” weapon that the enemy did not anticipate. It has been said that the longbow won the battle of Agincourt, that the use of gunpowder at Constantinople finally brought about the fall of the city and its fabled walls, and that the tank changed 20th-century warfare forever. The same could be said of the spiritual battle in which the believer in Christ finds himself. Paul describes the armor of God that we are to wear – truth, righteousness, faith, the gospel, and the Word – but he also tells us about a secret weapon against our enemy. This secret weapon we too often discount or forget about entirely: prayer. Prayer is our connection to the Lord; it is the way we go to Him to find comfort, certainty, and peace. We are always to keep the weapon of prayer at hand, ready to use its power against the enemy of our souls. We pray for all the saints with all perseverance, says Paul, and especially for the Gospel as it goes forth. It is the gospel that tears down the strongholds of the enemy, and the gospel goes forth in the power of prayer. Be encouraged – there is always something you can do for the Kingdom of God! Even if you are the weakest saint, exhausted or ill, you can man the battlements of prayer. The Lord has encouraged us to use “Our Secret Weapon” (Ephesians 6:18-24).

I. Praying Comprehensively
A. Continual and Persistent
B. For All Things
C. For All the Saints

II. Praying Particularly
A. For the Proclamation of the Gospel
B. With Specificity for Needs
C. In Order to Be Encouraged

III. Praying Biblically
A. Praying in the Spirit
B. Praying for Gospel Blessings

Questions for consideration: (1) What things prompt you to pray? Why do you think it is important to persist in prayer? (2) How can you pray particularly for the spread of the Gospel? Can you think of ways outside of your ordinary circumstances that you can pray for the proclamation of truth? (3) Who in your life has the Lord reminded you to pray for? What sort of things should we be continually in prayer for?

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