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Prayer for the Saints

May 29, 2016 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Ephesians

Topic: AM Service Passage: Ephesians 1:15–19

The redemption of sinners by Christ is accomplished one sinner at a time, but those who are redeemed do not remain alone. The work of Jesus Christ is to redeem a people, and so when a sinner finds forgiveness, he or she is brought together with other forgiven believers. The Apostle Paul understood this well – after his great praise for the work of the Triune God in salvation, he turns to pray for the people of God. There is much to be thankful for in the lives of the saints, and it is also right to pray that the Lord would continue to bless believers with a greater knowledge of Himself and His works. Paul’s great prayer is appropriate for each of us to pray for ourselves and others so that we might grow in grace. The more that we know Christ and His blessings for us, the more we desire to be found making a “Prayer for the Saints” (Ephesians 1:15-19).

I. Thanksgiving for the Saints
A. For Who You Are
B. For What Binds Us Together
C. For the God We Know

II. Petitions for the Saints
A. To Know the Hope of God’s Calling
B. To Know the Blessings from God
C. To Know the Power of God

Questions for consideration: (1) How do you see faith and love expressed in your life and actions? I what practical ways do you trust the Lord? In what practical ways do you show love to others? (2) Why do you think Paul remind us of the calling of God? How does that affect our hope? (3) What are reminders to you in your everyday life of the power of God? How does that effect your actions?

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