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Testifying to the Savior

October 2, 2022 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: John

Topic: AM Service Passage: John 4:27–42

After talking with the Samaritan woman about her need and how the Father is seeking true worshippers, Jesus revealed Himself as the Christ (John 4:26). From that moment on, she was never the same. We see that by what comes afterward, as the woman leaves her jar behind and goes to tell others of the “man who told me all I ever did.” That is the effect that Jesus has on people – He meets them, and they are changed forever. We also see what that change looks like, as the woman cannot wait to tell others about Jesus. This leads to a revival in Samaria, something the disciples did not expect but that Jesus speaks of as “his food,” as He does the will of the Father. It shows us what we are called to do as followers of Jesus – we must always be “Testifying to the Savior” (John 4:27-42).

I. Simple Witness

II. God-centered Witness

III. Successful Witness

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