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Coming to Claim Children

March 13, 2022 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: John

Topic: AM Service Passage: John 1:6–13

In the beginning of his Prologue, John tells us who Jesus Christ is – the eternal Word who created all things and is the life and light of men. Then in verse 6, John turns to the testimony of the Word. He introduces another John, whom we commonly call “John the Baptist.” That John is a witness to the Light, declaring that the Light has come and demanding a response to the Light. We face that same decision: how do we respond to the Light? There are those who reject the Light and those who embrace the Light. How we respond to the Light says a great deal about how the Lord works in our lives. If you believe in Him, He gives you the right to become a child of God. Your faith in Jesus is proof of God’s work in you, for you can only believe by being born again (John will tell us more about that in chapter 3), and you can only be born again by the will of God. John calls upon you now to believe so that you might have life in His name (cf. John 20:31). Jesus is “Coming to Claim Children” (John 1:6-13). Will you be one of them?

I. Testimony to the Light

II. Rejecting the Light

III. Receiving the Light

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