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The Cure for Conflict

July 5, 2020 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: James

Topic: AM Service Passage: James 4:7–12

In James 4:1-6, we saw the diagnosis of the problem of conflict within the church. James gave us hope in verse 6, reminding us that there is always abundant grace available for us as we seek peace and unity. James then lays out a plan for reconciliation in 10 rapid-fire commands in verses 7-12. The first command, “submit yourselves to God,” sets the tone of the passage and helps us see that the path to reconciliation is the path of humility and repentance.

I. Humble Allegiance
A. Submission/humility is the theme of section
B. Negatively expressed- Resist the Devil
C. Positively expressed- Draw near to God

II. Humble Repentance
A. External Action- change ways
B. Internal Attitude- cleanse heart
C. Practical Expressions of Repentance

III. Humble Speech
A. Evil Speaking puts others down
B. Evil Speaking is judgmental and seeks to make you the judge
C. Evil Speaking usurps God’s authority

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