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Faith and Works

December 1, 2019 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: James

Topic: AM Service Passage: James 2:14–26

What is the relationship between faith in Christ and the good works done by the Christian? The Apostle Paul clearly says that we are justified solely by faith in Christ. Does James say something different? No! James and Paul are in full agreement. Our entrance into the Christian life is only by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Yet, James and Paul both say that good works (deeds) will naturally flow from the transformed life. In this passage, James shows that true faith is active, it results in good works. He also gives us two very different examples from the Old Testament that help us see how this works out in the real world. James shows us through the faith of Rahab and Abraham what risky, costly faith looks like. Do you have that living, active faith? What is God calling you to do with it?

I. The futility of inactive faith
A. It is hypocritical
B. It is dead

II. The authenticity of active faith
A. True faith is not just creedal
B. True faith works

III. Two examples
A. The Patriarch
B. The Prostitute

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