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The Sin of Partiality

October 20, 2019 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: James

Topic: AM Service Passage: James 2:1–13

In James 2:1-13, the author warns God’s people of the danger of the sin of partiality. He describes a situation where a rich man and a poor man come into the church and the rich man is given a place of honor, while the poor man is dishonored. He then gives reasons why this is sinful and helps us to see how partiality breaks God’s law. We see that God’s law is an indivisible whole and that breaking it in one area brings the guilt of breaking it all. God’s law is much more than a list of do’s and don’ts, it is an expression of who God is! James then ends this passage by focusing on the mercy of God and brings the text to full circle, reminding us that ‘mercy triumphs over judgment.’ Because we have been shown mercy in Christ, we can and will show mercy to others, even those whom society casts aside.

I. The Warning
A. The command
B. The scenario

II. The Reason
A. Partiality is contrary to the gracious character of God
B. Partiality dishonors those we are called to love and help
C. Partiality honors those who dishonor God

III. The Law
A. The royal law
B. The whole law
C. The law of liberty

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