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Asking for Wisdom

September 30, 2018 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: James

Topic: AM Service Passage: James 1:5–11

In the opening verses of his epistle, James shows us that trials are surely part of the lives of all believers. However, even though we know that we should expect trials, walking through and understanding these trials is difficult. The question of, “Why?” seems to be ever before us. In these verses, we see that God is at work in testing and purifying our faith to produce steadfastness in us. These things help us to see trials more from God’s vantage point, or at least to recognize that God’s vantage point is not our vantage point and that God is at work in every situation even when we cannot see or understand. But perhaps we still find ourselves wondering why. Sometimes that question is answered as we see the good that comes from trials. However, we often never have the privilege, this side of eternity, to begin to understand the purpose in them. It is then that we need the wisdom that comes from above- from God himself. And that is the subject that we will consider tomorrow- "Asking for Wisdom" from James 1:5-11. Because the reality of trials- and not just the very hard trials- in the life of believers should remind us of our need for divine wisdom; which is available for the asking, provided one asks in faith.

I. If you Lack, Ask
A. Our great need
B. Our giving God

II. If you Doubt, Trust
A. The one who doubts
B. The one who trusts

III. Whether you are Rich or Poor, Rejoice
A. The poor are exalted
B. The rich are humbled

Questions for consideration: (1) How is wisdom related to our trials? Do we think of God as having any hesitation in giving us the things that we need? (2) How is the doubting person like the waves of the sea? Why might we fear God’s answer to our requests? (3) What are the trials associated with poverty? With wealth? How is the gospel an equalizing factor for both groups?

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