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Lost and Found

January 11, 2015 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 15:1–15:10

Have you ever lost something? Sure you have – and probably something valuable. Losing something is no fun at all; there is the pang of being without something you want and use, together with the knowledge that you have lost the work it took to obtain it. This is especially disheartening when it is something that you have worked hard for, and have made a part of your life or routine. You could always buy another smartphone, but it is a great deal of work to get it set up exactly like you want. Far worse is losing something irreplaceable, like a family heirloom. You can’t buy another set of family pictures or your grandmother’s silver. But how great is your joy when you find something you are sure is gone forever? What relief! What joy! This gives us a picture of the joy in heaven when a lost soul is found. Repentance and reconciliation are not just theological topics. They are a source of joy to the angels, and redound to the glory of God. Jesus tells us two parables to make this real for us, as He shows us what it means to be “Lost and Found” (Luke 15:1-10).

I. Lost
A. Do We Know We Are Lost?
B. Do We Know Jesus Receives the Lost?

II. Found
A. His Search
B. His Care

III. Joy
A. The Joy of the Lord
B. Sharing the Joy

Questions for consideration: (1) Why is it important for us to realize that it is the Lord who does the seeking? (2) What do the pictures of the shepherd and the woman tell us about God? (3) How can we share in the joy of the Lord?

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