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The Road to Emmaus

December 6, 2015 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 24:13–35

Have you ever had something staring you right in the face, while you were completely unaware of what was actually happening? Then all of a sudden the reality hits you, and you wonder how you could have been so blind? This may be annoying if you miss out on a sale or a public event, but when it concerns matters of the soul and eternal destiny, it is much more serious. After the crucifixion of Jesus, his disciples descended into a deep, depressive fog. They felt like the world was over and that nothing could fix it. After all, their great hope was Jesus, and now He had been killed! You can imagine the two disciples shuffling their feet as they head for Emmaus. They were going, but not with real purpose. They could not bring themselves to face tomorrow. They were so downcast that when Jesus Himself came alongside them, they did not know it! But once again Luke shows us that the cure for discouragement and purposelessness is God’s Word. Once Jesus opened up the Scriptures to them they were gripped with a passion and purpose. And then later they recognized Jesus, and they had to share the good news. That still happens today – Jesus brings hope and purpose to those who look into God’s Word and see Jesus. There is hope for us, as we look on “The Road to Emmaus” (Luke 24:13-35).

I. Cold Hearts (24:13-24)
A. Dejected Discussion
B. Incomplete Account

II. Warm Truth (24:25-32)
A. God’s Word
B. Jesus’ Presence

III. Gospel Flame (24:33-35)
A. Irresistible
B. Contagious

Questions for consideration: (1) What in your life has happened that caused you to feel like your world was caving in? How can the promises of God’s Word help? Where have you turned for help? (2) Which Old Testament passages show Christ and His benefits? How does Jesus’ Bible teaching inform our Bible reading? (3) What is the hardest thing about moving from knowing to witnessing?

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