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Jesus Overcomes the Demons

September 21, 2014 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 11:14–11:28

The modern world often seems like a place where it is fashionable and safe to oppose the claims of Jesus Christ. Even in the Church, many can be found who do not want to honor all that Jesus said and did. Excuses can be made, explanations given, and the assertions of Jesus are discounted. But what does that really say about those who oppose Jesus? And what does it say about us, if we are hesitant to “stand up and be counted” when Jesus is maligned or slandered? Jesus faced these same doubts and slanders Himself as He ministered – and one such occasion is recorded by Luke. Jesus performed a deed of great mercy and grace, and as a result, people attacked Him. But rather than complain or grow bitter, our Lord used the occasion to press the claims of God and the gospel. May we do the same, as we watch how "Jesus Overcomes the Demons" (Luke 11:14-28).

I. Objecting to Jesus
A. Direct Slander
B. Indirect Skepticism

II. The Answers of Jesus
A. The Presence of God
B. The Power of God

III. The Demands of Jesus
A. Reformation is Not Enough
B. You Must Choose

Questions for consideration: (1) How do your objections to Jesus show themselves? When you see them, how do you deal with them? (2) Why is it important to remember that Jesus is the “strong man”? What does that mean for you? (3) How can you more clearly hear and do the Word of God?

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