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The Birth of the Savior

December 22, 2013 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 2:1–2:20

Life is full of hustle and bustle, especially at this time of year. Sometimes it is hard to keep focused with all of the traveling, shopping, working, and doing we have to do. It also seems that in the midst of such activity often sickness, and even tragedy strike. The result is that at a time when Christians should be reminded of the life of their Savior, we often are given to complaining and sadness. “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” we will say, but in our hearts we think that only applies to people out there – people who are not like us. We brace ourselves so that we can put on brave faces in an effort to do our evangelistic duty; we know that we ought to spread the message of Jesus, even if we don’t quite feel like it right now.

But what the enemy wants is at all costs to keep you from thinking about the effect that Jesus Christ has had on your life. Life is not free from work and activity – but Jesus gives meaning and purpose to our work. Life is not free from illness and tragedy – but it is Jesus who gives us hope in the midst of such sadness and loss. The wondrous thing about the story of Christ’s birth is that it highlights how like us Jesus became – entering a sinful world, living a humble life, being tired, hungry, and even sad – so that we might be like Jesus. Who would have expected that God would change the world in a little town, in a little manger, among little people (just like you and me!)? So do not lose your sense of wonder, and do not forget that the babe in the manger is also the One who came to set all things aright through His life and death.

I. A Humble Birth (2:1-7)

II. A Heavenly Announcement (2:8-14)

III. Heralding the Savior (2:15-20)

Questions for consideration: (1) What have you pictured when you think of Jesus’ birth? How does this passage change that? What is the benefit of the change? (2) What do it mean for you that Jesus is Savior? Christ? Lord? (3) How do the actions of the shepherds help you to think about your life?

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