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Gospel History

November 17, 2013 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Luke

Topic: AM Service Passage: Luke 1:1–1:4

It is important to remember two things about Luke's Gospel: first, that Luke does not tell us everything that happened in Jesus’ life, or even tell us everything we wish we knew about Jesus’ life. Second, everything that Luke tells us is true. Luke was a first-rate historian who did his research well. He was also inspired by the Holy Spirit, and so every word that he wrote in his gospel is, well, the “gospel truth!” These two things mean that God wants us to know certain things about Jesus’ life and that He has a purpose behind revealing those things. As we study Luke together, ask yourself not just what happened, but why we are being told that it happened. Don’t just try and know more about Jesus, but listen to know Jesus and what He requires of you. When you do that, it will put more immediacy in your prayers, more fervor in your voice as you sing, and more love for Christ in your heart.

I. What is Luke’s Gospel?
A. God’s Story

B. God’s History

II. How Did He Write it?
A. Carefully Researched

B. Well Organized

III. Why Did He Write it?
A. That You May Know

B. That You May Know for Sure

Questions for consideration: (1) Why do you think it was important for Luke to do his research? Couldn’t God have just dictated to him what to write? (2) Why should we look primarily at the gospel to see what God has done, instead of what we need? (3) How can Luke’s perspective help us in bringing the message and story of Jesus to others?

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