Speaking in Parables

May 13, 2018 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: Mark

Topic: PM Service Passage: Mark 4:21–4:34

In this passage, Jesus gives more parables to help us understand the kingdom of God. These parables help us see that God sovereignly orchestrates the growth of His kingdom.

I.    Hidden, to be revealed
A.    Hidden to some
B.    Revealed to others
C.    The need to hear
D.    The need to share

II.    Inexplicable Growth
A.    There must be a sower
B.    There is much that is beyond man’s comprehension and control
C.    Life manifests itself gradually.
D.    There is no harvest before the seek is ripe.

III.    Exponential Growth
A.    The growth of the kingdom of God starts small
B.    God uses the weak and foolish to build His Kingdom