The Call of Discipleship

December 31, 2017 Speaker: Jason Wegener Series: Mark

Topic: AM Service Passage: Mark 1:16–1:20

Christ’s authoritative call to His first disciples, like His call to us today, demands a response- to follow Him and fish men.

I. The Call Issued
A. An authoritative call
B. A specific call
C. An open-ended call

II. The Response Required
A. A new leader
B. A new direction
C. A new priority

Questions for consideration: (1) How is Christ’s call to His disciples different from His call to all believers? How is it similar? (2) On what authority does Christ call us to follow Him? (3) Can we be a believer in Christ and not a follower of Christ? (4) What new direction is Christ calling you to currently? What priorities do you need to change to follow Christ whole-heartedly?