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Our Help in the Storm

September 10, 2017 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Psalms

Topic: AM Service Passage: Psalm 124:1–8

This sermon was preached on the Lord's Day after the flooding in Katy and Houston caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Life is full of trials and struggles, but our weaknesses come most clearly into view when overwhelming circumstances come our way. We cannot avoid the reality that we are not in control as the world comes crashing in on us. Whether it is an attack by our enemies, or the deceitful traps of opponents, or the awesome power of the storm, we see that we are not able to make all things right. But the good news of the gospel is that we do not have to face the hostility of the world on our own. We have the mighty One of Israel, God Himself, on our side. This allows us to be realistic about the dangers and tragedies that we face, and at the same time to have great hope. Life would be overwhelming, BUT for the fact that the Lord is on our side. He is “Our Help in the Storm” (Psalm 124).

I. Our Absolute Need for the Lord
A. The Context of the Psalm
B. The Fearsome Dangers Faced

II. Our Complete Deliverance by the Lord
A. Looking Through the Lens of the Lord
B. No Other Option

III. Our Sufficient Hope in the Lord
A. The Past Points to the Present 
B. No One Else Needed

Questions for consideration: (1) What was God’s purpose in bringing troubles to David? What were their effect on us? How can this help us to see our own troubles? (2) In what experiences have you seend God’s “what if?” How has God been present in your life even when the storm rages? (3) Why is it so important to remember that God is not just powerful, but sovereign?

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