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January 26, 2014 Speaker: Duncan Rankin Series: Hebrews

Topic: AM Service Passage: Hebrews 8:1–8:13

Introduction - Jesus Christ is not an earthly High Priest but a heavenly one

I. His place
A. His place is in the heavens (vs. 1)
B. His place is before the Throne (vs. 1)
C. His place is in the sanctuary above (vs. 2)
D. His place is pitched or built by God (vs. 2)
E. His place is the pattern for our earthly copies (vs. 5)

II. His posture
A. Jesus sits (vs. 1)
B. His posture is not empty-handed (vs. 3)
C. His posture is comforting to us!

III. His purpose
A. His purpose is to obtain a more excellent ministry (vs. 6)
B. His purpose is to be the mediator of a better covenant (vs. 6)
C. His purpose is to impart better promises (vs. 6)
D. His purpose is to bring real change in real lives (vs. 9-11)
E. His purpose is to bring real salvation, not merely shadows of it (vs. 12)

Questions for Consideration: (1) Who was Foghorn Leghorn? (2) Why should we listen up when the Bible says something? (3) Who is our Great High Priest? (4) Where is He? (5) Who leads our worship? (6) Does Jesus sit or stand in heaven? (7) What does Jesus do for us from heaven?

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