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Some Little Sacrifices

January 4, 2015 Speaker: Duncan Rankin Series: Hebrews

Topic: AM Service Passage: Hebrews 13:15–13:19

Introduction: The Christian life is a life of sacrifice.

I. Offer up a sacrifice of praise!
A. Give praise to God (vs. 15)
B. Give praise through the Son (vs. 15)
C. Give thanks to His name (vs. 15)

II. Do good & share!
A. Yes, it will cost you (vs. 16)
B. But, God is pleased by it (vs. 16)

III. Obey your leaders!
A. Submit to them (vs. 17)
B. They keep watch over you (vs. 17)
C. They give an account for you (vs. 17)
D. They will have joy or grief—which will it be (vs. 17)?

IV. Remember to pray for us!
A. We can ask in good conscience (vs. 18)
B. We desire honorable conduct (vs. 18)
C. We long to be restored to you sooner (vs. 19)

Questions for consideration: (1) Why does God like praise? (2) Why should you share? (3) Who should you love sharing with the most? (4) Discuss this bold claim: “I will submit to the Elders, as long as I agree with them!” (5) Who do you pray for most?


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