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The Living Word

June 30, 2013 Speaker: Duncan Rankin Series: Hebrews

Topic: AM Service Passage: Hebrews 4:1–4:13

I. Introduction
Two great OT illustrations of heaven are:
A. The first Sabbath Day illustrated heaven (vs. 4)
B. Israel’s entering the Promised Land illustrated heaven (vs. 8-9)

II. God’s Word is alive!
A. God’s Word is revealing (vs. 12a)
B. God’s Word is discerning (vs. 12b)
C. God’s Word is convicting (vs. 12c)

III. While the Word of God is alive, some Christians are not!
A. Some have fallen from their professions in the past
B. We should all be afraid of falling far short (vs. 1)
C. We fall short by hearing the Good News but not receiving it in faith (vs. 2)
D. We fall short by the disobedience of our unbelief (vs. 6)

IV. Instead, we should all be spiritually alive!
A. We should be diligent before the Lord (vs. 11)
B. We should submit to His surgery on our hearts & lives (vs. 12)
C. With eyes wide open, we should obey from the heart (vs. 13)

V. Conclusion

Questions for Consideration: (1) How does the Word of God change you? (2) Is it wrong to be afraid of disappointing God? (3) How can you trust & obey the Lord?

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