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Pay Attention!

December 2, 2012 Speaker: Duncan Rankin Series: Hebrews

Topic: AM Service Passage: Hebrews 2:1–2:8

We need to pay attention to what God has said! In His Word, God warns us of our responsibilities and serious consequences. In the Gospel, God requires a response for the Good News that has reached us. The World to come points us to the Son as our only solid hope!

I. Pay attention to God!
a. God has spoken in the realm of creation.
b. God has spoken in the realm of Scripture.

II. Pay attention to the Gospel!
a. The Mosaic Law was reliable.
b. The Mosaic Law was righteous.
c. The Gospel requires us.
d. The Gospel reaches us.

III. Pay attention to the glorious age to come!
a. Angels will not rule the world to come.
b. The Son will rule the world to come.

Questions for Conversation: (1) Why should we listen to God? (2) What happens if we drift away from listening to God? (3) What confirmation of the Gospel do we have? (4) What expectation in the future do we enjoy?

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