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Update on COVID-19 for May 5, 2020

COVID information blogpost

Dear congregation of Christ Church,

We are entering into the next phase of dealing with COVID-19: the resumption of in-person worship! Governor Abbott has issued his latest executive order (GA-18), in which he outlines the procedures for the re-opening of businesses. Right now, restaurants and retail stores are open with 25% capacity, and it is expected that on May 18, they will be opened to 50% capacity.

The Governor and Attorney General Paxton (on a call I was on with him and a group of pastors today) have made very clear that the government mandates do not apply to churches because of Texans’ First Amendment rights. At the same time, Christ Church is using the recommendations of Texas DSHS and the Attorney General in order to resume worship in a safe environment.

Beginning May 24, we will resume in-person worship. There are many details related to that resumption, and our website has been updated, including with an FAQ about worship services, at Please go and review those details and contact the church office if you have any questions. You can also watch a video in which I describe our move to this next phase.

As indicated in the FAQ, we have a form for you to fill out to help us maximize attendance at our services. Please fill out the form (or paste into your web browser).

I would also like to ask you for two things: first, send me any updates on your family or prayer requests. I am praying for you all, but you know how we pray at Christ Church – particularly! That means I need information from you. Second, send me any questions you would like answered on Sunday nights. I hope that addition to our evening service has been helpful to you. I am looking forward to seeing you soon. Please be safe and pray for each other!

In Christ,

Pastor Greco

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We will still be worshiping from home for a while.

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