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Update on COVID-19 for April 25, 2020

COVID information blogpost

Dear congregation of Christ Church,

We are near concluding our second month of dealing with COVID-19 and the attendant restrictions that have been placed on businesses, travel, and socializing. One thing that I think we have learned in these days is that community is critically important for people. We were created by God to live with each other – even the sinless Adam was not meant to be alone (Genesis 2:18)!

In one sense, I hope that you are missing gathered worship. I am thankful for the technology that makes it possible for me to bring the Word of God into your homes each Lord’s Day, but this is, at best, an imperfect temporary substitute. It is my prayer that one of the blessings the Lord will give to us in His Providence is to take from us a sense of complacency about worship. My heart cries out with the Psalmist: “Let us go to his dwelling place; let us worship at his footstool!” (Psalm 132:7)

Our Governor is planning to release a new Executive Order on Monday, April 27, in which he will give more guidance to churches about the re-opening of worship services. He will be following the general contours of the President’s Guidelines for Opening Up American Again, with three Phases of removal of restrictions. This means that we must have patience and optimism as we see COVID-19 cases in our area decline, and life slowly gets back to normal. For May, our Session has determined that morning and evening worship will be conducted via live stream unless new guidelines are issued. Once we do resume worship, we will have to abide by certain social distancing restrictions. Be sure and check our Coronavirus Information webpage for updates. You can watch my latest video update here:


Finally, know that I am praying for you and your families. And our pastoral staff, elders, and deacons are available if you need assistance, whether that is financial or logistical (i.e., you need someone to get groceries for you). It is timely that the sermon series I planned several years ago in 2 Corinthians focuses on affliction and the central importance of the ministry of the New Covenant. I hope that you are comforted and helped by God’s Word.

In Christ,
Pastor Greco