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The Angelic Library



“Time not spent reading is time wasted!” So began my post-graduate studies at New College in Edinburgh, Scotland. This memorable advice from the great evangelical historian, Dr. David F. Wright, dominated my life in the Old Country for four wonderful years!

Having been an engineering student in undergraduate school, I learned to read in seminary. But I learned to love to read in Scotland. Cold, dark weather and a warm mug of tea: what better companions for a journey through the pages of a good book.

Christians are rather fond of books and always have been. In fact, it is said that we are people of THE BOOK, the Bible! True enough, but we are more fundamentally people of the Word of God incarnate, who has given us His Word written through His holy Apostles and Prophets of old (Ephesians 2:19-21 & 2 Peter 1:16-21). We are people of the Book because we are first people of the Word!

On the last day, Daniel and Revelation tell us that the Books will be opened on us all (Daniel 7:10 &Revelation 20:12). And in preparation for that Great Day, we do well to toss or burn the bad books (Acts 19:19) and invest ourselves in the really good ones (Daniel 9:2 & 2 Timothy 4:13). Above all, Jesus should capture our attention and fill our stack of books to be read (John 21:24-25).

If you’re short a work or two, then please call and come on over to the house. I’d consider it an honor to introduce you to some of my friends who have recently taken up residence again on my library shelves. Daryl Brister and his band of angels surprised us with the room my old friends now call home. In their honor, that room is called “The Angelic Library”. As Augustine was told, “Tolle lege!” Take up and read!

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We need to read more! Discipline in reading is like in eating. Reading is the food of soul: if you read, you eat. If you read good things, you become good, is you read bad things, you become bad. That's why some people say: "you are what you eat". I would say: "you are what you read".

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