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Brothers Tested

May 19, 2013 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Genesis

Topic: AM Service Passage: Genesis 44:1–44:33

While it may seem counter-intuitive, it is actually easier sometimes to trust the Lord and be humble before Him when we are going through life’s struggles. Often the real test of our faith is when things are going well, and we are tempted to rely on our own strength. In Genesis 44, the Lord (through Joseph) tests Joseph’s brothers to see if the change in their lives is real when the trial has passed.

I. The Test
A. Change in Circumstances
B. Real Repentance?

II. The Response
A. Last Bit of Self-Righteousness
B. Laid Bare Before God

III. The Change
A. Toward Others
B. Toward the Lord

Questions for consideration: (1) Are there some circumstances in which it is “easier” to obey God? (2) What areas of your life are you most likely to be self-righteous about? (3) What parts of your life do you notice the Lord changing? What efforts are you making to follow His call?

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