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The Great Escape

January 13, 2013 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Genesis

Topic: AM Service Passage: Genesis 31:1–31:55

How we live our lives will affect how others are ready to listen to what we say, especially what we say about the Lord. Jacob and Laban lived very different lives, by very different standards, and that affected those around them.

I. Going Home
A. Through Conviction of Heart

B. Through Circumstances

C. Through God’s Word


II. Differences of a Life Lived
A. Jacob’s Leading

B. Laban’s Lies


III. Protection by a Lord Served
A. Intervention

B. Integrity

C. Covenant

Questions for consideration: (1) How has the Lord been leading you? Are you resisting doing His will? Why? (2) What unbiblical actions in your life have caused you grief? How has your obeying God’s Word affected others around you? (3) How are you trusting the Lord today to protect you?

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