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Patience and Prosperity

December 30, 2012 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Genesis

Topic: AM Service Passage: Genesis 30:25–30:43

Jacob has the opportunity to show that he has been changed by the Lord in a very practical way. He trusts the Lord to provide for him, while Laban is still relying on his old tricks.

I. Patience
A. Longing for Home
B. Looking Out for Others

II. Perseverance
A. Trusting the Lord to Bless
B. Tested by the World

III. Providence
A. Called to Work
B. Caused by God

Questions for consideration: (1) Have you found yourself trying to “work all the angles” instead of trusting God? How can you trust God, while also working hard? (2) How do you deal with setbacks from people trying to hurt you? How can that actually grow your faith? (3) What are the two most important duties of a Christian with respect to work?

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