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The Deceiver Deceived

December 16, 2012 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Genesis

Topic: AM Service Passage: Genesis 29:1–29:30

After meeting God at Bethel, Jacob was joyful and ready to conquer the world. He came to the home of his uncle, Laban, and everything seemed to go his way. Just then a hard providence intervened, and the Lord confronted Jacob with someone as deceitful as Jacob was - his uncle!


I. A Kind Providence
A. Unseen, Unappreciated
B. Love at First Sight

II. A Hard Providence
A. A Plan Hatched
B. The Tables Turned

III. A Divine Providence
A. Disciplining His Child
B. Preparing His Plan

Questions for consideration: (1) Do you think about how God is in control of even the small details of your life? Think back and recall a “minor” event that turned out to have a big impact on your life. (2) What “rule” of the New Testament appears to apply in this story? (3) Has the Lord used hard providences in your life to make you more like Jesus? How?

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