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A Better Lord Than We Deserve

September 16, 2012 Speaker: Fred Greco Series: Genesis

Topic: AM Service Passage: Genesis 20:1–20:18

In Genesis 25, we see Abraham and Sarah in Gerar, where Abraham falls back into old patterns of sin. Once again, in spite of all that the Lord has done for Him, Abraham is fearful and lies about his relationship with Sarah. But the Lord is ever faithful, even when we are not, and He preserves Abraham and Sarah, and keeps Abimelech from sinning.

Sermon Outline:

I. Destructive Power of Sin

A. Sin’s Hard Grip

B. Sin’s Hard Consequences

II. Greatness of God’s Grace
A. Intervening Grace
B. Confrontational Grace

III. Glory of God in His Work
A. Preserving His People
B. Transforming Sinners

Questions for consideration: (1) Think about what sins are hard for you to give up. Are you trying to do it in your own efforts? (2) Has the Lord used people to intervene in your life? How have you responded? (3) In what ways do you need to be transformed by God’s grace? Be specific!

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