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Person and Work of Christ Sunday School


Jesus Christ is central to our faith, but do we really know as much about Him as we should? In order to know how great a Savior we have, we must first understand who He is (His Person) and what He has done for us (His Work). In this class, we explore these crucial truths. The early Church painstakingly formed the full teachings about Christ over several centuries of controversy. In the end, the Biblical formulation that Jesus was fully God, fully man, one Person, with two distinct natures was arrived at. Later, the Church described the work of Christ as Mediator between God and man in terms of three offices: prophet, priest, and king.

"without the Deity of Christ, the Bible is the drama of Hamlet without Hamlet"

Class Presentation Notes (and Handouts)

Audio available on the Sunday School Classes page here.

Week 1 - Introduction and Person of Christ

Week 2 - Deity of Christ Part 1 (class handout)

Week 3 - Deity of Christ Part 2 (class handout)

Week 4 - Humanity of Christ Part 1 (class handout)

Week 5 - Humanity of Christ Part 2 (class handout)

Week 6 - Christ the Mediator of God's Covenant with Man (class handout)

Week 7 - Christ the Prophet (class handout)

Week 8 - Christ the King (class handout)

Week 9 - Christ the Priest (class handout)

Week 10 - Christ's Humiliation (class handout)

Week 11 - Christ's Exaltation (class handout)

Week 12 - The Atonement of Christ (class handout)