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Holy Spirit Sunday School

holy-spirit1Have you ever wondered how the doctrine of the Holy Spirit would affect how you view the Christian life? Does it seem at times that either the Holy Spirit is relegated to the role of “also-ran” in the Trinity or that He is described as an overpowering impersonal power, kind of like “The Force”? Does it appear to you that many Christians are afraid to approach the subject of the Holy Spirit for fear of appearing “charismatic”? If so, then join us as we sketch a Biblical portrait of who the Holy Spirit is. What's more, the Bible is the perfect place to discover all we can about the Holy Spirit – after all, He wrote it!.

“Take away the dispensation of the Spirit, and his effectual operations in all the intercourse between God and man; be ashamed to profess the work attributed to him in the gospel – and Christianity is plucked up by the roots.” (John Owen)

Class Presentation Notes (and Handouts)

Week 1 - Introduction (class handout)

Week 2 - Holy Spirit as Creator; Giving of the Spirit (class handout)

Week 3 - Holy Spirit in the Old Testament (class handout)

Week 4 - Holy Spirit in the New Testament (class handout)

Week 5 - Holy Spirit and Regeneration (Part 1) (class handout)

Week 6 - Holy Spirit and Regeneration (Part 2) (class handout)

Week 7 - Holy Spirit and Sanctification (Part 1) (class handout)

Week 8 - Holy Spirit and Sanctification (Part 2) (class handout)

Week 9 - Holy Spirit and the Word of God: Inspiration (class handout)

Week 10 - Holy Spirit and the Word of God: Illumination (class handout)

Week 11 - Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts (class handout)

Week 12 - Holy Spirit and Prayer (class handout)

Week 13 - Paraclete: Holy Spirit as Comforter (class handout)