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Covenant Theology Sunday School

God Has a PlanToday we live in a society and a country that praises the virtues of individuality and does not see much worth in a covenantal world-view. This view of life has infected the modern church– everything is seen in terms of individuality: church membership, family roles, salvation, even the Bible. But the Bible does not come to us in a vacuum; it is given to us by a gracious and loving God Who has condescended to have a relationship with His people. The way in which God relates with His people is by way of a covenant. In this class, we will be looking at the covenant and at “covenant theology” as a way of understanding the great truths of the Bible and the great unity of the Bible. We will be constructing “covenant colored glasses,” through which we will see all of life. God does have a plan for every part of every believer’s life, and that plan unfolds in the context of His covenant. This class will not be an academic exercise in understanding what a covenant is– it will instead be a way for us to understand our relationship with God, our families, fellow believers and the world.

You will be asked to think about the Bible and its teachings in a way in which you might not have before. Lord willing, we will see that men like Abraham and David have a direct bearing on how we should live our lives. But most of all, we will see “Who is like the LORD our God, who is seated on high, who looks far down on the heavens and the earth?” (Psalm 113:5-6)

Class Presentation Notes (and Handouts)

Audio available on the Sunday School Classes page here.

Week 1 - Introduction (class handout)

Week 2 - The Covenant of Works (class handout)

Week 3 - The Covenant of Grace (class handout)

Week 4 - The Covenant of Grace in the Old Testament (class handout)

Week 5 - The Covenant of Grace in the New Testament (video of lecture and class handout)

Week 6 - The Bridge: Old Testament Prophecies of the New Covenant (class handout)

Week 7 - The Covenant and Marriage (class handout)

Week 8 - The Covenant and the Family (class handout)

Week 9 - The Covenant and Work (class handout)

Week 10 - The Covenant and Evangelism/Salvation (class handout)

Week 11 - The Covenant and the Church (class handout)

Week 12 - The Covenant and the Means of Grace (class handout)