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The Last Day in Juarez

Construction Site Report from Ken Nesteroff

Today Friday August 7, 2015 was our last day of construction at the Mission Torre Fuerte construction site in Juarez. We opened our day with prayer thanking God for the great week and asking for His protection on us all and that He would bless our work on this last day. Our safety moment today was on last day safety awareness. Your the most sore, tired, and familiar with the job site the last day of work. You're also perhaps the most motivated since its the last day. Remember this church will take weeks to complete so do not rush, watch out for each other and stay safe. The team got busy building three more re-bar towers, cutting additional plywood formers, and shoveling earth into wheel barrels to back fill the cinder block wall trenches. Additional cinder block wall brick was also laid. The church site looked much more level with walls clearly defined and the mountains of dirt that existed at the beginning of the week from the interior wall trenches were now gone. A sense of satisfaction at the work that God had done through us was felt by all and we took a final team picture.

The final day that I spent with the pastors and leaders of the church was very encouraging. We looked at some practical aspects of discipleship, which involves studying the Scriptures together, studying various practical topics like marriage, parenting, and money, working together on service projects, and just spending time together. We then looked closer at what it means to follow Jesus as His disciple. It is important for all believers, but especially for new Christians, to have follow up beyond a profession of faith. I explained to the group that a good example was the group of five women the evening before who had professed faith in Christ at the English camp. Unless someone follows up with them and gets them involved in a discipleship program and worshipping in church, there is a high likelihood that the professions would prove temporary. Jesus is very clear in Luke 14 that there is a cost to following Him, and it requires us knowing that we have a loyalty to Jesus, our following Him must be delibate, and following Him is life changing.

The day and the week concluded with a celebratory dinner of barbacoa, topped off with choc-flan for dessert. We spent time sharing thankfulness to the Lord, and acknowledging the blessings that He had poured out on us during the trip. It was a great week, and we all made many friends!

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