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New Year Resolutions


2018 has been an eventful year. As often is the case, at the end of the year it is hard to imagine that time has passed so quickly! But the end of the year also means the beginning of a new year – a time of hope and promise, a time of fresh beginnings, and a time of resolutions for personal change. For Christians, one resolution that typically arises at the start of a new year is a desire to read through the Bible more, perhaps even to read through the entire Bible in the coming year.

But just like it happens with a resolution to work out at the gym, the difficulty with Bible reading does not occur in the first few days. The difficulty is persevering throughout weeks and months. Many believers have set sail in the year with great promise in Genesis, only to be shipwrecked in the chapters of Leviticus and Deuteronomy. The key is to keep putting one foot after the other (so to speak) and not to let a missed day (or two!) discourage you into giving up.

Give yourself permission to be flexible. You don’t have to read the whole Bible in one year! You could take two. Or perhaps you would be best served by trying to read the New Testament in a year. You may want to read less along with a favorite commentary like Matthew Henry’s, or a devotional like John Carroll’s Cover to Cover. (This is also available free for Amazon Kindle on December 29, 31 and January 1.)

As far as reading plans go, there is a wonderful resource page available at Ligonier Ministries with 16 different reading plans! They are all different, so you can choose the one that suits you best. May the Lord bless you as you feed upon His Word!

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Thanks, Fred - these are great resources!

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